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Chairman’s Message

It all started with an idea developed into a company and expanded to a group of companies under the umbrella of Reach Holding. Our first stages took place in 1999, in a small company called  “Reach Experts ” located in Abu Dhabi - U.A.E. Through the great success we achieved in Reach Experts, an ambition infused with our expertise aroused. This ambition took us from one company targeting one sector in one economy, to a group of companies operating in different sectors regionally.



The Middle East is built on a versatile foundations of resources and yet merely virgin to many new investment endeavors. With each country has its own economic resources and investment opportunities, there was a necessity for a holding company to conjoin all its investments under one portfolio.



Reach Holding established over 15 companies that invest in different sectors of economies in the Middle East, from Industrial, Real Estate and Service to Healthcare and Education. Our interests exceed the scope of these investments and business activities and we are continually seeking new investment opportunities in various forms.



Starting from one country, Reach Holding nowadays operates in UAE, Palestine and Jordan in addition to the Gulf region, with plans to invest in the next coming years in new markets such as North Africa , Asia and Europe.



Reach Holding is ideally placed to solidify its position as one of the premier Investment and Holding Companies in the Middle East and to continue to expand its sphere of influence throughout the entire Globe.



With hard work, exercise of talent, acceptance of responsibility, and target of success, Reach Holding will be the minaret of providing profitable and secure investments in different sectors, with growing financial and social effects on the regional and global economy.



Malik Melhem

Chairman and Owner


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