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Press Releases
Press Releases

Reach Services announces the Obtaining of (Penti) franchise in Palestine

June, 2015

Reach Services one of Reach Holding Companies took recently an exclusive franchise of an International brand called (Penti).

The Holding CEO Mr. Ashraf Zaidan and (Penti ) General Manager Mr. Sami Karyo have signed a franchise agreement in (Penti) Headquarters in Istanbul /Turkey by which Reach Services was rewarded an exclusive right to be the only franchisee and distributer of (Penti) in Palestine.


(Penti ) Company is a leading Company in the Lingerie Industry, featuring a full range of products in high quality standards integrated set of women pajamas, under wears  and leggings serving different age groups including kids.

(Penti ) has reached all over the World expanding in 21 country, establishing 222 store.


Mr. Ashraf Zaidan Reach Holding CEO has pointed out the strategy of the Company in expanding and diversifying the Investment in different economic Sectors including Trade, Retail and Distribution. Emphasizing that the entry of (Penti) brand as a high quality women lingerie would support the growth of the Palestinian Commercial Sector in addition to increasing the options in front of the local consumer noting that this agreement is a positive precedent for the Palestinian Market, especially with the limited presence of International brands in the Country.


Speaking on the move, which follows the agreement, Mr. Mohammad Shadeed Reach Services Regional Brands Manager stated that the Company is fully excited for the opening of the First International brand specialized in women lingerie and leggings in Palestine. Noting that the Company will put on its agenda an ambitious plan for the next coming years with a vision of expanding and opening number of stores in different countries in Palestine.


On the other hand, Mr. Shadeed will be aiming to attract more International brands to enter the Palestinian Market. He is being optimistic about Penti that is considered the start of establishing business within International Trade Marks and will work to strengthen relations between the two countries Palestine and Turkey.


For his part, Mr. Sami Karyo Penti General Manager said: “ We are proud to enter the Palestinian Market along with our presence in the neighboring regional markets, GCC and Europe. Stressing that this investment is a great business opportunity for us, seeking to confirm credibility in this promising market and we are committed to the quality of products we serve in the Palestinian market and in Regional and International Markets as well.



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