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Our Investments
Pharmacare Pharmaceutical Company


Pharmacare was established in 1985 in Ramallah – Palestine by a group of enthusiastic Palestinian Entrepreneurs. In 2000, Pharmacare inaugurated a state - of - the - art multi – million dollar manufacturing facility rendering it GMP compliant. Thus, Pharmacare is able to adhere to all GMP guidelines particularly those requiring the production of antibiotics, general and veterinary drugs in separate manufacturing facilities.


Property owned and operated by Pharmacare include two distribution centers in Ramallah and Gaza Strip, a drugstore based in Jerusalem, a science center in Gaza Strip, a marketing center in Ramallah supporting all its activities, and representative offices in Russia, Belarus, Yemen and Romania.


As its strategy to invest in the European and MENA pharmaceutical markets, Pharmacare established a new company named Pharmacare Premium located in Malta and registered as a limited liability Company started its operations in the first quarter of 2012.


As Reach Holding believes that the Industry Sector is the main driver for economic growth, Reach Holding is driving its forces towards the healthcare sector as part of the industry , a 5 % strategic partnership with Pharmacare is generated to build sustainable business with a well known International Medical Institution and to stimulate the overall development of the sector. In June 2013, Pharmacare was publicly listed in Palestine Stock Exchange Market under “PHARMACARE”.


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