Corporate History

Founded in 2012, Reach Holding started as a foreign private shareholding company with the passion of attracting investments in Palestine to support the Palestinian economy and assist in the progress of the country. Reach Holding was one of the first Palestinian companies which expanded its operations in the Middle East, particularly in Jordan & the UAE. Today, Reach Holding Group successfully operates in strategic companies of Palestine, Jordan, UAE & KSA. More than 10,000 qualified employees are part of Reach Holding Group family. Reach Holding offers a wide range of high-quality services. Our diverse services portfolio is spread across the fields of marble and stone (Reach Holy Land for Marble and Stone), education (AUJ), Hospitality (Reach Hospitality), real estate (Reach Real-Estate), employment and human resources (Reach Employment & Emdad), and air conditions (Bisan Air Conditioning). Our core business is to provide a unique and innovative range of products and high-end services to meet the Palestinian market needs. Adding to its services portfolio, Reach Holding recently partnered with a leading beauty icon Joelle Mardinian in the Middle East "Clinica Joelle" & "Maison de Joelle", thereby providing our customers with an incredible beauty experience. Our vision takes inspiration from our diverse businesses and our competitive spirit. Together, we apply fresh perspectives, knowledge and capital to create smarter solutions for our clients, helping the world rebuild and move forward.

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