Nexcon for Development and Construction

One of the significant arms of Reach Holding Group Enterprises is Nexcon for development and Construction company. Nexcon specializes in complex and prestigious construction and infrastructure projects. We have an extensive portfolio covering residential apartments, commercial buildings, industrial projects, airport structures, villa communities, entertainment and intricately sophisticated smart buildings in the MENA region. Our established presence in the region, skilled and dedicated team and our innovative methods have earned us a reputation of a well-recognized construction company in the region. With an experienced workforce and unmatched business strategy, we scale our services to undertake concept, design, planning and installation of our projects. We have all the necessary experience and resources to effectively design, plan and deliver a building solution which is effective and economical. Our commitment is to accurately evaluate your needs and offer a customised plan to fulfil your requirements in an economic, efficient and innovative manner. Armed with the latest construction technology, possessing best industry practices, expert personnel and teamwork, we have successfully executed projects of diverse range and stature.

Nexcon promote innovation and adaptability as part of our corporate versatility. We employ the best of engineering and innovative construction solutions to complex civil construction projects across the UAE. At Nexcon, our approach is to build and develop more than just great properties. Our aim is to create lasting relationships with our clients by delivering beyond expectations. To us, every new project is an opportunity to build new bonds and reinforce relationships.

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