Reach Holy Land for Marble and Stone

Stone and Marble industry is considered as one of the main sources of the Palestinian economy. There is a huge demand for Palestinian stone and marble due to its outstanding variety and exceptional physical properties. Established in 2012 as an independent privately-owned organisation, Reach Holy land for marble and stone is committed to manufacturing and export of Palestinian marble and stone in the local and international market. We are already successful in the American, European & Australian markets as well as the Arab Gulf. It is worth mentioning that the Middle East region has an increasing potential for marble and stones which is supported by existing distribution systems. We have worked relentlessly to create a symbol of quality and customer satisfaction and possess the ability to source premium materials. At Reach Holy Land for marble and stone, we use the best Italian Machinery "SIMEC" to ensure the production of the best quality of marble and stone. It took millions of years for nature to create natural stones and we continue to deliver Nature's greatest gifts to mankind. We supply different types, texture and colours of marbles and stones. The colours of marble and stone that we produce vary from white, beige, gold, light brown, pink, red, light and dark blue, light and dark grey. Reach Holy Land for marble and stone has earned its reputation of excellence, owing to its competitive pricing, high quality and trust of our customers. We have supplied exclusive marble and stone for projects like Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Housing projects in UAE, Fairmont Hotel in Amman.

The stone and marble sector is the most dynamic manufacturing export sector in Palestine which plays a key role in driving exports and GDP growth. In such a competitive market, it becomes imperative for us to offer an uncompromising quality of our material from all angles and perspectives. Our products and services reflect our professionalism, reliability and the standard of work quality. We are well equipped with advanced cutting and designing technology to deliver the finest quality of marbles and stones. We have the required experience and skilled manpower to produce exact specification’s product within the specified time and allocated budget according to the customer needs. We at Reach Holy Land for marble and stone will continue to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your spaces by providing premium natural stones of exotic & rare designs.

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