American University of Jerusalem (AUJ)

Education is one of the fundamental factors to secure economic and social progress of the country and its people and based on our vision to create a generation capable of innovation, competition and excellence, the Company established the American University in Jerusalem (AUJ). The objective was to provide the right kind of leadership in all walks of life and offer a dynamic, interactive education environment that engages students in the learning process. The key focus of the AUJ will be to preserve the identity of the Palestinian society and contribute to the development of the country through the dissemination of specialised knowledge and skill with the help of appropriate programs and creative learning environment. By establishing a robust educational structure in the country, the AUJ seeks to attract students studying abroad and encourage them to educate, employ and serve their own nation. The University will feature new and unique majors, with all the necessary facilities to raise the educational and cultural capacity for students. The University aims to build partnerships with scientific and reputable universities and institutions for student exchange programs for personal and professional

development of students and attainment of skills like entrepreneurship, leadership, creativity, and commitment to the cultural, ethical and professional values. AUJ has received the preliminary approval by “The National Commission for Accreditation and Quality” affiliated to the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, and intensive efforts are ongoing for the launch in the near future.

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