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Our Investments
Reach Hospitality


As a subsidiary of Reach Holding, Reach Hospitality was established in 2016 in Palestine to manage the food and beverage, hospitality and entertainment business in Palestine, Jordan and United Arab Emirates.


Reach hospitality is responsible for obtaining and operating international Food and Beverage franchises, besides creating their own homegrown brand names in the F&B, hospitality and entertainment sectors.

Recently Reach Hospitality signed the exclusive rights to develop and operate Hardee’s franchise in Palestine.





Is an American-based fast-food restaurant chain operated by CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc. ("CKE") which started its operation in 1960 and as of today they are managing 3,664 branches around the world which over 300 branches located in the middle east.


Its specialty the charbroiled burger Thickburgers® which is one of the best restaurant in the quick-service industry in both quality and taste.



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